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I love natural cometic product!
Pomegranate contanins exfoliant enzymes that makes you skin soft and clear (search in web under "pomegranate enzymes exfoliator"). Sugar (or even salt) increases the effect mechanically. Oil (I used pure olive oil) works as balsam. What do you want more?
I suggest to prepare this scrub just before use it as sugar melts very fast! In this case the half of the quantity is enogh for me.
Thanks a lot for this recipe.

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awalde November 10, 2011

This scrub really works! My skin feels smooth and moist without feeling to oily. I first thought that there wouldn't be enough oil, but it was enough. Applying the scrub I was a bit concerned about the mess I was making in the shower with pomegranate juice and seeds flying, but it cleaned up really easy. Just gathered it all with my feet over the drain and stepped on it and it was gone. Didn't feel bad about it either because it was fully organic. Made for Newest Zaar Tag

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Deantini November 12, 2009
Pomegranate Body Scrub