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I had no trouble splitting the chicken to your instructions. Not sure if I applied enough pressure to flatten the chicken but It seemed ok to me. After grilling, I didn't detect much of the flavor of the marinade when I tasted it. It just didn't come through enough for me. Maybe some garlic and a few herbs would have helped. I cooked the chicken about 50 minutes on the grill, not 25-35 as your recipe states. I'm not sure that this split method is the best for cooking chicken. The breast parts were very dry and the legs and thighs were too pink inside. I like cooking the pieces separately as I can take the breasts off a little earlier and let the legs and thighs finish cooking. The taste was pretty good, but not what I expected.

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Pam-I-Am February 19, 2007
Pollo Alla Diavola (Split Chicken With Hot Mustard Marinade)