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I'm not sure what to rate this. I'm trying to get in touch with the Polish half of my heritage by trying out Polish recipes. I'll be having a Polish theme Christmas this year. This recipe didn't state how to eat the platter ingredients together. I'm guessing you put a meat roll & radish & tomato pieces on a lettuce leaf and squeeze lemon over them, then roll it up and eat it? I used black forest ham as I don't care for boiled ham. I used horseradish sauce similar to Arby's. It was good but not great. If you love ham and boiled eggs you might love this. It was pretty and healthy. Might be good with dijon mustard to dip it in.

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Engrossed November 13, 2006

I love versatile little recipes like this. The fixings went w/us on an annual 4-dy fishing trip w/3 other couples recently. The 1st nite is always an appy nite & this was very well-rec'd. I packed extras, so the next morning I loaded them into 8" flour tortillas, added cheese & we had our breakfast wraps! My DH loved his breakfast wrap & our friends were so jealous. Thx for posting.

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twissis July 15, 2006
Polish Egg & Ham Rollups(Jaja W Szynce / Roladke)