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We have a variation on this recipe that we have on Easter for supper. Now I know that the spelling is incorrect, but we call it meshanine. In it are ham, veal, kielbasa, eggs, horseradish and vinegar. Served cold. Wanting to know more about it, I contacted an author who wrote a couple of books about Polish foods, one specifically about Polish holiday dishes. He said that meshanine is a Polish word that basically means a collection of things all put together. The ingredients I listed above are all parts of a traditional Polish Easter supper that he called a cold supper. He had never heard of such a dish, but that it might be specific to a certain region, village or even a family. That somewhere along the line, someone had the idea to throw all the things in the cold supper into one big bowl. Or maybe they had a little of all the ingredients left over and just threw them in a bowl and realized that it was pretty good all mixed together. Anyone else have this dish on Easter?

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Corey J June 25, 2010

My Polish grandmother did a dish very similar. Instead of ham, she used chopped veal breast and diced slab bacon along with the kielbasa, eggs and horseradish. We also had beet horseradish and dry curd cottage cheese as side dishes and homemade bread. The family carries on this old tradition.

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Michelle Hrnyak March 22, 2010
Polish Easter Breakfast