Polish Dill Pickles Made in a Crock

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

While my Polish grandmother canned the world's best dill pickles, she made "crock" pickles to use up the over abundance of cucumbers. They were our favorites. I make them in smaller amounts using the ratio of ingredients to the amount of cucumbers. Leave out the grape leaves if you can't find them. Prep time does not include fermentation time.


  1. Place ingredients in bottom of crock with cucumbers.
  2. Pour mixture (water, vinegar, salt) over cucumbers.
  3. Throw in a few more pieces of dill.
  4. Submerge pickles under water by placing a plate on top weighed down by a jar of water.
  5. When a film appears, just skim it off.
  6. Try tasting smaller pickles after 5 days.
Most Helpful

I'm back! This recipe is the best. I was just going through my recipes and getting them ready because Spring is on the way. I had to share this recipe with everybody, made so many batches, I lost count! This is a keeper Lorac, thank you so much for sharing it. I can't wait to make them again this summer.

Judy-Jude March 16, 2003

Having been without good polish dills since moving to South Carolina 38 years ago, I am now in hog heaven. Made my first batch 2 weeks ago and they are gone, started my 2nd. batch today and can hardly wait . Followed the recipe exactly. Thanks Lorac for posting. Jim Barrett

JimB427 July 14, 2003