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This was a beautiful, tasty dish. I followed your suggestion and layered it in a springform pan and then unmolded it to serve. I used chopped swiss chard in place of the spinach and kale. I used the parmesan and fontina options, and left out the ham. I always make my polentas with some milk in addition to the water, I feel it might make it tenderer, so I subbed 1 cup of skim for 1 cup of water. I also added in some chopped garlic and fresh rosemary to the "mush" as it cooked. We enjoyed this two nights in a row, once with a ragu Bolognese sauce, and once just as is, accompanying some gnocchi and marinara. Beautiful to look at, and very tasty, thank you for posting this recipe Olga.

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Chef Edlear April 03, 2009
Polenta Torte