Poached Lemon Garlic Chicken

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 10 mins

This chicken is great broken up for sandwiches or salads,packed with flavour I love it, can easily be increased too.


  1. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan & simmer over a low heat until chicken is fully cooked.
Most Helpful

I upped the amount of everything making 5 split breasts, in hopes of having one left over to top salads with tomorrow. No such luck...the kids ate every bit of it at lunch. A kid pleaser and simple to make equals a win, win recipe! Thank you for sharing Mandy, I will definitely be making this again. Maid and reviewed for the Make My Recipe Tag Game #14.

Chef Buggsy Mate May 30, 2011

Very good. I think for newbie's you may have wanted to add guesstimated poaching times....but mine turned out lightly flavored of lemon. I added 6 cloves of garlic and didn't get much of a garlic taste. Will add more next time. I liked the moistness of the poaching method. Will use again.

RedVinoGirl July 21, 2010

*Reviewed during Australia NZ August 08 Recipe Swap* Great lemon packed flavour for moist and low-fat chicken. I poached three chicken breasts and they cooked up beautifully. Photo also being posted

**Jubes** August 03, 2008