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its not made with ketchup, i asked the chef when he was making it and he said that the ketchup makes the sauce to watery. He said instead of ketchup its made with tomato paste. The ketchup gives the sauces a vinegar taste that it doesn't need. But with the tomato paste the vinegar taste is not in it and it will taste more like the sauce. Im just letting you know if you want the sauce to taste more like the shrimp sauce.

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lopezs2789 April 19, 2015

Well Carrol, I have a very happy Granddad here today, he loves fish, and when I mentioned your recipe he asked to have it for Sunday dinner. I have never seen him clear his plate so fast, and he gave it five stars. I made it with haddock fillets which is a white fish not sure if you get that in US, as the fillets were quite big I did have to cook them a bit longer. The sauce was lovely, the seasoning was just right, the sweet paprika gave it a nice colour as well as a nice taste,you did say that I wouldn't be dissappointed and we were definitely not especially granddad.Thanks for a keeper. Made for PAC spring 2009.

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Tea Jenny March 29, 2009
Poached Fish in Shrimp Sauce