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What can I say for my very first time making a yeast bread (that didn't come from a bread machine)...Delicious comes to mind! I really like that the measurements are all in weight, the recipe will produce the same results every time. The cooking method was spot on. I stuck a digital thermometer in one of the breads when it was time to take the water out of the oven. It only took 30 seconds longer than the combined total of 18 minutes for the target temperature to be reached. Thanks Red for sharing this yummy recipe. Made for My 3 Chefs event.

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sloe cooker September 29, 2013

The bread is delicious, but i think the flour from the poolish wasn't deducted from the total, if you make your bread with 4 cups, it turns out perfectly. Also, the fat should probably be added with the salt rather than before the rest period.

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Chris M. October 11, 2014
Po Boy Bread