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Tried this dish as part of the 2005 Zaar World Tour. And while I am slowly cooking and eating my way around the globe, I'm doing my best not to end up looking like one. Whith that I took a few liberties with this dish. I replaced the sugar with Splenda for the poaching liquid. That worked well for the plums but left me with a non-syrupy liquid. To compensate, I reduced the tea to 1 cup and whisked in a tablespoon of cornstarch. I think this gave me the intended consistency. Had my first plum plain - delicious. Then I got the wacky idea of serving the second on top of some sugar-free fat-free pudding. Yummy. Thanks Pottise!

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justcallmetoni October 09, 2005

This was great with low fat vanilla bean ice cream. I simmered the liquid for 35 minutes, so it was nice and reduced, to about one cup. I had steeped the tea for a couple hours first, but I think next time I would double or triple the number of tea bags to really bring out the tea flavor - which was yummy in it, but subtle.

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Maito July 28, 2014

Wowee! I've been going plum crazy trying to use up my Santa Rosa plums from my tree. This recipe was so simple and elegant. I used loose leaf organic earl grey tea and strained it. I also used 9 plums. We ended up eating them by putting a whole plum in our mouth and it would just melt then spit out the pit...not so elegant but delicious! The sauce is fancy, tangy and floral.

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Engrossed July 10, 2010

Oh Potsie, I think I love you! Oh yes, I loved this dessert too! It was really delicious! We had company over, and they were impressed as well, thumbs up from everyone. It is also very low fat, in fact, almost NO FAT so you can't beat this for a super simple dessert! Thanks for a guilt-free dessert :)

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~Leslie~ September 09, 2007
Plums Poached in Earl Grey Tea