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Very nice dish, Lennie, but I wasn't totally blown away by the taste, and I DO like bell peppers! :) I thought the combination of honey, vinegar and ginger would give it a unique taste, but the honey and ginger were virtually imperceptible; the vinegar was kinda overbearing! I had to make do with dried oregano, which worked well enough, I think. Also, since bell pepper sizes can vary greatly, it would help if the recipe mentioned how much sliced bell peppers there should be in all (in cups or ounces), because I ended up with really small servings. I used all green bell peppers, since that's all we get here, but I bet using red and orange would make for an awesome presentation!

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Anu April 05, 2002

Hey there, Lennie. I made this exactly according to the recipe with one exception. I used a red, yellow, and orange bell pepper instead of green (just personal preference, I always substitute red for green in recipes). I used a high quality balsamic vinegar. Huge compliment, my kids even liked it. I think this would be great over pasta, as you said, and also as a side dish with any red meat. One more thing, I had to resist stirring too frequently after I added the peppers to give them a chance to brown while at the same time watching them closely. Thanks Lennie, this is a good one!

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GinnyP March 13, 2003

I'm really surprised at the wonderful flavor this dish has. We halved the recipe, tho' keep the sauce ingredients as stated to have some extra sauce to go on rice, which accompanied the dish. Did increased the ginger to 1 teaspoon as we are fond of the flavor; and cooked only until "crisp-tender". Will make frequently, as we both likely it immensely.

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Kauaian cook March 07, 2004

Nice recipe! The sweetness of the the honey with the peppers was a nice change. We had them with Mirj's Tomato Basil Fritatta, for brunch. They were a great side for the fritatta.

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islandgirl77551 January 28, 2006

This is wonderful! I tried a different store yesterday and got a bunch of peppers, even purple ones. I used red, orange, yellow, green and purple peppers. I also added about a cup of sliced crimini mushrooms. We had these with grilled steak and baked potatos. The fresh oregano is delightful, and the vinegar was nicely balanced by the spiciness of the ginger. I think this will be wonderful done in foil packets outside on the grill.

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Countrywife December 24, 2005

Excellent recipe. I did not change anything - unusual for me!

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Rosalind September 15, 2005

Served this last night over thinly sliced, charcoal grilled venison tenderloin, doubled the recipe then just smothered the venison in it! It was terrific. I used red, orange,yellow, purple and one lonely green bell pepper and vidalia onions! Not only was this tasty, it was one pretty dish! Used just a supermarket type balsamic, wildflower honey and fresh oregano right out of my dinner guests' herb garden. Next time I'm going to use this on brushetta with some smokey provolone. Thank you, Lenny, another winner.

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mickie49 July 25, 2004

This is a fantastic recipe! I am on a bodybuilding/figure diet (2 weeks out from competition). Right now, I cannot have salt, sugar, or fat (no starchy carbs past noon). Finding seasonings is a challenge. Everything, up to this point (i.e., this recipe) has been bland. Thanks a bunch. PS! By the way, I used a brown sugar replacement.

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Candy in TX May 18, 2004
Plethora of Bell Peppers