Plecta Pancakes

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by Cooking to Perfecti

These are Swedish pancakes, and are always served with the option of maple syrup or thin strawberry jam. Every summer that I go up north to visit my Swedish family, Grammy always makes me Plecta Pancakes. A tradition that will never fade!

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  1. Grease and heat plecta pan on medium heat.
  2. (Note: This batter is very thin, so to cook these pancakes you need a plecta pan, which can be found at Swedish stores. The only other device you could possibly use is poaching egg dividers, or some pan with divided sections.) Beat together eggs, sugar, and salt until frothy.
  3. Add flour to egg mixture and beat.
  4. Add milk and beat.
  5. Add butter and beat.
  6. Scrap down sides of bowl and make sure all flour and dry ingredients are incorporated in mixture.
  7. Ladle mixture into plecta pan and cook.
  8. After about 2-3 minutes (depending on how hot your pan is), flip the pancakes with an off-set spatula, or knife.
  9. Cook for another minute, and serve with jam or syrup.

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