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This is an incredible stew! I say stew, because it is a stew much more than a soup, so for those of you who like thin soups, be warned, but nevertheless try it. The creator is right about being sure to use green plantains, and making it with potatoes tastes great, although I prefer the plantain version. Everything is a great consistency, including the plantains. I like to double the cumin and garlic however, because I like both spices, and even though pepper and my tongue don't get along, I like to make this a tad spicy. Also, I double the carrot and celery. I find this makes it a richer soup without affecting the taste plantains add to it. Last thing, I'm vegan, and so I make the simple substitution of mock chicken stock, or vegetable stock. This has become one of my go-to soup recipes. Great job!

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heckler0077 January 03, 2009

This was good, the only thing I would make different is to grate the plantain and shape it into balls. When sliced and cooked plantaing tends to get hard. When shaped into balls it gets a better consistency, more soft and retains flavor better.

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l0ve2c00k July 02, 2007

The recipe is great, but I am Chilean and we do not have plantain in Chile. Plantain are coming from tropical countries and Chile is not tropical at all. The first time I saw a plantain was here in USA.

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Aunno08 November 16, 2010

This soup is wonderful! My family loved it! I have now made it multiple times, varying it up a little each time. Tonight I made it with potato (because I didn't have plantain). I also added some leftover grilled chicken and corn. It was a big hit with all eight of my siblings, as well as my parents. Definitely going to make this over and over. Thanks!

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abigail_benson September 02, 2010

I loved the texture and consistency of this soup, so silky with chunks just the right firmness/softness. I've never used plantains before. This soup got 4 stars (the texture is really to die for!) because I felt it was a bit bland. I used 1/2 Tbsp. cumin by accident and it wasn't too much. But, the soup needs something more, I don't know what since I'm not a real cook.

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pfcoburn November 11, 2009

I liked this recipe. It came out too thick for me, but I think I went wrong somewhere, probably didn't add enough chicken stock. My wife didn't like it much at all. I will try it again. Thanks.

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Tabasco Saucy March 04, 2009


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sergio_villalta November 03, 2007

I too love plantains and was imediately drawn to this recipe. The soup is rich and thick and worked well as an entree for a light supper with salad. The results were quite different from what I imagined as the cilantro really dominates and overshadowed the more subtle flavors of the plaintain. One could have easily used yucca or even potatoes and had similar results. I am think about trying this with sweet yellow/brown plantains to see if there stronger flavor emerges a bit more (will also reduce cilantro).

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justcallmetoni June 19, 2007

This is a very good soup. I had it when we lived in Venezuela. The celery is added, but not usually used in venezuela. They would use yucca root or celery root. This soup also has medicinal purposes as it is used for people who are suffering from "the mayos" or gastrointestinal illness during the rainy seasons. and Yes, it works too!

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phatdade7 December 21, 2006

Had this for dinner tonight - yum! :) Scaled it down for two servings, but kept it at one small onion (about 1/3 cup chopped) and used the last of my celery (about 1/2 cup chopped), and didn't have any carrot. I didn't have fresh cilantro and so used 2 tsp of recaito. Used 1/4 tsp cumin, but added it in the last 10 minutes because cooking cumin for longer than about 30 minutes can make it bitter. Overall, was a very tasty soup! Thank you! :)

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Julesong November 13, 2004
Plantain Soup