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You have successfully explained how to make one of my favorite things in the whole world! My hubby is from Colombia, and I essentially learned to cook from his family, and this is one of my favorite things that they make (and that I have learned to make). When I first learned to make them I thought that it was too much work, but now think it is a breeze. I had never tried a dip with it before, but it was pretty good. My hubby didn't really like it with the plaintain, but he is a traditionalist when it comes to his "comfort foods". He did like it on its own however, with chips. I would just like to add however, that we always sprinkle the fried plaintains with a little salt and sometimes add a good salty piece of queso blanco with them. Oh, and when making these, the greener the better. When they start getting yellow they get softer and sweeter and you can't use them in this manner. Thank you so much for posting this, these things are the best!!

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SlipC January 07, 2003

Very nice, economical recipe. My toddler son totally digs the chips! Very easy to make. Made for ZWT4.

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JanuaryBride June 23, 2008

Thanks,good stuff. I thought Iwas crazy thinking of vinegar as something my friend served with it, it was a longg time ago. But now I know Im not, the vinegar cuts the stachiness of the green platanos. As alcaparrado or Spanish olives ao when added to rice and bean or even fries with vinegar in Maryland. Makes sense.

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BrindleGirlD March 27, 2007
Plantain Chips (Platanutres)