Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 0 mins

This is a safe and effective insecticide for plants.


  1. Mix together.
  2. Spray on plants.
Most Helpful

Well this did not work at all on my rose bush but what does I guess without harsh chemicals. I did use it and received good results with a gardenia bush outdoors. You did not state if it would work for both indoor and outdoor plants but I'm assuming so. I like that it won't harm anything else around the plant. Thanks for a great non-chemical spray. Made for "I Recommend... Tag Game" based on QueenBee's review.

HokiesMom June 11, 2008

If this truly works I will save a lot of money. I really don't like using insecticides on my plants but I truly dislike bugs. I followed pixieglenn's suggestion and sprayed the plants in the evening & rinsed this morning. I will continue doing this this summer and update my review. For now, I'll give this 5 stars just because it is such an easy and inexpensive solution.

QueenBee49444 May 03, 2008

I have used this kind of insecticide on my garden forever and it really is awesome! You can completely drench even roses in it to kill afids and it works wonderfully! One word of advice I would give though, is that you rinse the plant off before letting it get a lot of sun. I like to do this in the evening then rinse my plants in the morning. Also, any soap works.

pixieglenn January 01, 2008