Plain Rice -- Make Ahead OAMC Throw It in the Freezer!!

Total Time
5 mins
35 mins

I started doing this to save some time in the evenings. I don't like using that 10 minute Uncle Ben's but I do like having my rice ready that fast ;O). I really like using sushi rice! Use whatever rice you prefer!

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  1. Cook as directed in rice cooker (or your preferred method).
  2. When rice is done immediately rinse, in strainer, with cold water till rice is cool (to stop cooking). Fill ziplock baggies (quart size) with 2 cups of rice each. Flatten out and remove air. Makes 4 bags. (You can do 1 cup bags too ~ Use smaller baggies like sandwich or snack ones) I usually have 1/2 - 1 cup rice leftover which I just make a little dish for myself with.
  3. Use one bag for 2 of you ~ Two bags for 4 of you :O) Just take out of the freezer in the morning and throw in the fridge till you start cooking!
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I have been doing this for a while now......never thought to post it so other knew also. Works great everytime. When I need to make rice because freezer is empty, I usually cook a whole bag and then package and freeze into meal size portions and individual portions for a fast lunch, just add left over meats.

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This is a great idea! It worked perfectly. However, I forgot to thaw it in the fridge so when I was needing it, I microwaved it for 5 minutes, like another reviewer said. Great every time. (tried this 3 times so far) I don't like the minute rice either, so I am glad to have this back up plan. Thanks.

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Love this!!! SO EASY!!! When I'm making rice for dinner, I up the amount so that I can restock the freezer. I freeze 3c amounts (best for my family) ... just take straight from the freezer and put in the microwave for 5 min and you have perfect rice every time!!!