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I have now made this twice in 2 days. Let's just start with that. It's been a busy weekend, Fall swirling it's world all around the farm, but not busy enough to be able to do this recipe x2 times. After getting thoroughly drenched last evening, I came home to put this together, and let it warm and finish cooking on the old woodstove, where it became warm bubbly, and a true delight in every sense of the word. Today, when it was light, I was able to capture on the camera the lovely treat this became, and devoured again. I followed this exactly, step by step and enjoying all the different aroma's that came wafting as the whole onions became sweet nothings right before my eyes. A wonderful treat for sure, just don't be so busy. Made for Aussie/NZ Recipe Tag Game November 2009

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm November 01, 2009

This was a new flavor experience for me, having never eaten anchovies before, but I have to say I'm now a big fan. I used fresh pizza dough from a local pizzaria, brushed the formed dough with olive oil and sprinkled it with 2 cloves minced garlic. Then I followed your directions exactly. The combination of caramelized onions and anchovies is wonderful with the light undertone of herbs. Very nice recipe! Thank you!

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MarthaStewartWanabe July 15, 2008

The sweetness of the carmelized onion is a perfectly contrasted by the salty anchovies. I used Healthy Italian Breadsticks or Pizza Crust for the crust and it went perfectly. One bite and DBF said, "This is Good!" He didn't know I already knew that because I snuck a few bites in the kitchen! Thank you chef floWer, We loved this!

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cookiedog July 10, 2008

I've been wanting to make an onion pizza without the usual red sauce and cheese and I'm so glad that I found this! It's also a first for me to have anchovies in the pizza since ever since I could remember I thought it sucked and thus never ordered it. But having tried this, you made me into a convert. The toppings are simple and easy to make, I basically used dried spices and used your recommended Pizza Dough (For Bread Machine) for this with the thick dough option. Love the bit of saltiness of the anchovies, the olivey taste and the soft caramelized onions. Thanks, Chef flower!

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Pneuma April 04, 2008
Pizza Topping: Pissaladiere