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Quite close to the ones we make! Ours is a clone of the infamous Beggar's Pizza from Blue Island, IL where my wife & I lived. We loved it so much that we took a piece, put it in the 'fridge & the next morning carefully dissected it to see what made it so good! One problem is finding the deep dish pans & then getting the pizza out. No worries- I have thos love of spring-form pans & got mine at a restauant supply house- WAY cheaper and better than those from "mall kitchen stores" or "specialty catalogs." Now- the trick is saving some extra "toppings" to pile on the top! Don't take this pizza serious- it's alot of fun to play with and make it your own! Even better- learn how to make your own whole-wheat dough as sometimes you can't always find them. Another fun thing is to make a "spinach" dough- adds alot of colour and flavour- leaves Lou Malnati's in the dust!

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Chef MacKinnon December 27, 2008
Pizza Stuffed Pizza