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THIS was a really nice recipe for pizza dough. I did use your 9x13 pan idea - and it was NICE for a change of pace! I omitted the Accent (because of MSG) - and added extra garlic. MMMMMMM. We had to bake this 30-40 minutes - and our toppings weren't very thick, so I'd encourage anyone else who tries this to just bake till done, of course (or go higher temp. for 20 mins.. :) Next time I will brush the crusts w/ butter (or spray w/ butter-flavored spray), then dust w/ cornmeal & Italian seasonings before baking. We enjoyed this a lot! Thanks for sharing!

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WJKing January 19, 2003

This is the best pizza dough recipe I've made! Other recipes I've tried came out of the bread machine way too sticky. Leaving out the msg is just fine. I divide the dough in half, knead on floured surface a few times, and then stretch into a cirle. I like to bake in my cast-iron skillet- just brush pan with olive oil and sprinkle in a little corn meal. I brush the crust with olive oil and bake for 7 minutes then top and bake 10-15 minutes on lowest rack in oven.

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marielscollard April 19, 2011

I doubled the recipe and used the bread machine on the dough cycle. Divided it into three portions and froze in one quart freezer bags sprayed with PAM. Took the first one out on Wednesday and let thaw in the fridge until Friday evening. By that time the dough filled the entire bag and was plenty for a large pizza. WOW! I baked it on 450 degrees and DH and I were blown away with our crispy it was on the outside and light, tender and fluffy on the inside. This will be my standard recipe from now on..as good as any we have had at upscale pizzerias. Thanks so much for sharing!

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16Paws August 13, 2011

Tried the pizza dough and liked it very much.I had to change the temp to 400 and cook it for about 20-25 minutes.

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Louise Adams February 18, 2003

This is now my standard quick pizza crust recipe. I use 1 cup whole wheat flour and a tablespoon of gluten to give it more body. I don't use Accent, but the onion and garlic powder are a nice touch. Depending on what kind of pizza I am making, I sometimes throw in some basil and oregano as well. I always cook the pizza for 15 minutes without cheese, then add the cheese for the last ten minutes. This keeps it from getting too browned.

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kbmidura June 27, 2010

This was the best pizza crust recipe I've ever tried and I've tried quite a few!! The kids loved it. As far as the time required for the crust to bake, here is a little tip I got from a local pizzaria... After allowing the dough to rest in baking pans, I put a very light layer of sauce on it and bake it in a 400* oven for 3-5 minutes depending upon how thick the crust is. This cuts down on the time needed for the crust to finish baking and now we never have pizza with overdone topping. Hope this helps. Cindy

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Cindy05 Luther March 13, 2003

Wonderful. I've got my crust recipe now! I don't have a bread machine, so I proofed the yeast with the 2 tsp of sugar and then 1/4 cup warm water. When making the dough, I added 2 teaspoons of oregano, and only 1 cup of water (making the water count 1 1/4 cup). I did layer oil in when the dough was rising. I made breadsticks out of them instead of pizza, and they were great! They rose really nicely. I cooked at 400 degrees like other people suggested, but it got done a lot quicker-- I think it would have burned had I returned to put pizza topping on it. The oil in the rising made the bottom come out crunchy like Pizza Hut. Thank so much!

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sarie1144 June 20, 2010

I should have posted a review long ago on this! I use this recipe on a weekly basis! This is the best dough I have ever had. I put the ingredients in my bread machine on dough cycle and its ready to go after. I use this to make pizza, garlic knots, stromboli, breakfast pizzas, YUMMMMM

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CaughtCookingBug September 18, 2011

I don't understand why everyone is raving about this. The dough has a nice flavor, but it is far too thick, and I even used a larger pan than recommended. I have dubbed this "Midwest hotdish pizza," because it's more like a pizza casserole than actual pizza. If this is going to be at all workable, the dough should be split to make two pizzas and baked at 425 for 10-12 minutes.

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Mom-taught September 12, 2011

I've made three times now. The first time I felt the baking soda gave it a bit of bitterness so the next 2 times I increased the garlic and onion powder. Now I make it with 1 tsp each garlic and onion and it tastes good. Also, I roll out the dough 'cuz I can't do that dough throwing thing you see on tv and it worls great for me. I like my pizza more "toasted" so I cook it at 400 degrees. UPDATE I no longer use this recipe. My breadmachine takes 2 hours to make dough. I've found another recipe that I can make by hand in about 10 minutes plus 30 minutes rise time.

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Evamyth January 21, 2004
Pizza Hut Style Pizza Dough (Bread Machine)