Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 3 mins

This is how I like to use leftover Pizza!


  1. Call Pizza Hut and order your favorite pizza.
  2. Eat until you explode but save at least one slice.
  3. Refrigerate remaining slices.
  4. Next morning remove from fridge and scrape off topping from pizza.
  5. Microwave pizza crust for 5 seconds or so until crust is just about room temperature and remove to a plate.
  6. Scramble eggs and pizza topping together.
  7. Spoon over pizza crust and eat with a fork.
Most Helpful

This recipe is exactly (eggsactly?) what I was looking for! Other pizza/egg combos seem to always involve tearing the pizza up and scrambling it with the eggs. No, thank you. Thanks for posting this lovely breakfast treat.

idadevine May 30, 2016

wow, this is a life changer. Now I'm as excited as a kid to order pizza and have extra incentive to save most of it. I used 1 egg per normal-sized slice and toasted the crust in a skillet. It was freakin' insane!

justbc February 22, 2010

Had this for a late breakfast today & it was great. I have always eaten cold pizza the next day for breakfast. Had some left over Meat Lovers Pizza, and I added a little extra shredded cheese to the eggs & stuff when I was scrambling it all up. YUM!

cajunhippiegirl July 21, 2009