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Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen!!!! I needed a meatless dinner tonight and I was tired of the same ol same ol. This pizza rocked my world! I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert and wouldn't get tired of it. The balsamic, pepper, berry sauce, and cheeses come together perfectly. I didn't have any fresh berries and used frozen which also worked, just make sure to drain them well. I used the marscapone substitute from this site and light brie. I didn't serve it with wine, that would have taken up too much space in my stomach- I just wanted pizza! Thank you Jen- this should have won :) PAC 09 EDIT: I brought over the left overs (I tried to eat the whole thing ;) ) to my grandmother's house and we enjoyed it with martinis and Manhattans. Everyone raved about it even after being microwaved!

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cookiedog April 05, 2009

Flavor wise, this is delicious! Nice and creamy, with some sweetness, but not too much thanks to the balsamic vinegar. Now I did have a cooking error, and I don't know if it was just my oven or because it was my first time baking with mascarpone, but when I checked on it at 12 minutes, a bunch of it had melted off and drizzled all over the oven, making it smoky etc. So next time I will check on it sooner and put an extra pan beneath it while it cooks. Skipped the photo because of this as well - will try to get one next time! Thanks for sharing! Veggie Swap 60

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Starrynews July 20, 2013

Wow, this was amazing. I think I had too much sauce for my pizza base, but no worries, I will adjust for next time. Totally delish and looking forward to making again with chicken next time. Yum!

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Satyne May 21, 2013

Fabulous! Took this to a gathering at a friends, a while back and forgot to post the review. Used Substitute for Mascarpone Cheese as a substitute, and did not use the caviar. The ingredients for this pizza are magic. They come together very nicely, and went great with our cocktails. Thanks for posting!

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TheGrumpyChef March 19, 2010

The use of contest ingredients is stellar here. Usually, when I think of fruit pizza, I think of those overly sugary ones you get at a buffet but this has forever more changed my thoughts on that. I enjoy balsamic vinegar with fruit and it was beautifully paired with the cheeses and pizza crust here. Fun...not fussy to prepare, sophisticated but casual enough that it doesn't look like you were trying too hard. I used my own whole wheat crust and enjoyed mine with a glass of red wine but I am thinking about how good it would be with a chilled glass of white also. I am jealous of Emmy trying it with the prosciutto, I bet that was GOOD! This one is worth a special the trip to the store and extra cost of ingredients. This is a winner.

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Kitchen Witch Steph August 24, 2008

What a great idea, we enjoyed this very much, the topping was delicious. there was a bit of a problem with the crust, it took longer than stated to melt the cheese which made the crust quite hard and chewey, but this could have been my oven. It was cooked in my oven but made and put together by a friend for our dinner party as a surprise dessert. The 5 stars are for the topping especially, just excellant! Good Luck in the contest.

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Derf August 23, 2008

my personal favorite and winner! i was looking for something like this for ages. I used my own pizza crust and it was great! I loved the flavours. We had it with some organic french red wine which was great. We had left overs as we are only 2 and i enjoyed it with a good cup of coffee. I will make this many more timed and try different cheese with it, also i thought it would be great to put different cheeses on the sme plate. Congratulations, i hope you win with this outstanding recipe - both in idea and taste!

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Iceland August 23, 2008

Woah! This is genius. I added prosciutto, because, hey, sweet, salty and cheesy are bound to be a winner, right? And it was. I love brie on pizza now, and the berry sauce really works on this one. I thought it might be too dessert-y, but it really wasn't. This would make a great cocktail party appetizer if you cut it into little squares.

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EmmyDuckie August 22, 2008

This is a special recipe- Very creative use of contest ingredients that has produced a different wonderful dessert pizza - Perfect for an after the theatre snack with a crisp cold bottle of Reisling. I have given the recipe 5 stars because what happened was not the fault of the recipe but my own. When you bake the pizza have it on the open rack, or in a perferated pizza pan, or on a pizza stone. I didn't, I baked it on an aluminum pan - it did not get enough heat from the bottom resulting in a soft crust (even after 20 minutes). It was VERY difficult to cut and quite chewy. The berry sauce is delicious and would be great on waffles . The meld of flavors from the mascarpone, Brie and fruit sauce is perfect. I will make this again but bake it properly Good luck in RSC12 - you have a winner!

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Bergy August 22, 2008
Pizza for Wine Tasting