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I made this last night. This is PERFECT and we were so pleased with it. I had my usual trouble with measuring the yeast, but only because I buy the bulk instant yeast and the recipe is written for the little packets. My general rule of thumb is 1 teaspoon of instant rise yeast per cup of flour, so I used 1 and a half teaspoons for this recipe and it was perfect. I used my bread machine to make the dough, and the dry/wet measurements you cited were so perfect that I didn't have to tinker with it at all, which was a welcome surprise. Oh, and I also added a scant teaspoon of sugar, to ensure a good rise from the yeast. I baked my crust on the top rack for about seven minutes at 425, pulled it out to dress it with my sauces and toppings, then popped it back in on the top rack to bake until the cheese was bubbly and browning a bit. It was PERFECT. I forgot to brush the edge of the crust with some olive oil but that's the ONLY improvement that could have been made to the pie we had last night.

Our toppings: red sauce, chopped black olive, fresh basil leaves, mushrooms and Mozzarella one one half.... pesto sauce, chopped black olive, mushroom and Mozzarella on the other. Perfect, perfect, PERFECT.

I do want to add that since we've just moved, I couldn't find my rolling pin yet so I had to resort to hand-tossing the dough, and it worked BEAUTIFULLY. The dough was wonderfully elastic for it. It easily shaped to a big round pie; thin in the middle and perfect thick edges. I've never been able to do that before but this dough made it seem easy. We love paper-thin crust, and this one did the job beautifully. A definite keeper, thanks so much for posting!

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lolsuz August 10, 2010

I've made this several times and it's always great - but last night I took a couple of tips from another recipe, and it turned out FANTASTIC - best I've ever made - and the fam agreed. I used the exact ingredients from this recipe, only I used 1 T of sugar to be exact, and a pinch more salt. The changes I did make... I pre-heated (for a long time) the oven to 500, and instead of using a pizza pan, I used parchment paper only. Basically, I rolled out the crust on parchment paper that I laid out on a large cutting board. When the pizza was ready to put into the oven - I slid the parchment paper directly onto the oven rack. This cut the cooking time to about 10 to 12 minutes.

The crust turned out fluffier (and tastier) than usual, and the entire pizza crust was crispy (no soggy middle). It was absolutely amazing! We topped it off with bacon, basil, mushrooms and fresh tomatoes from our garden. Yumm. I'll be making pizza more often...

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moniquewallen August 08, 2010

This recipe is so easy and tastes great. We love cracker thin crust and this is it. I stretch the dough really thin and then spread olive oil on top before baking on a sheet of foil for 10 mins. Then I put the toppings on and put it back in the oven without the foil and bake for about 10 more mins and it always turns out great.

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freefalltx September 06, 2011

Really easy and tasty crust. I have made this recipe about 6 times, last time I subbed half the flour for whole wheat and it turned out nicely. I always add much more flour than the recipe calls for. After initially mixing the dough I always notice that it is far too sticky and add at least another cup of white flour.

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casuallyrad July 22, 2011

According to Cook's Illustrated, for thin-crusted pizza dough: "All-purpose unbleached flour with a protein percentage no higher than 10.5 makes the lightest, crispiest pizzas."

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mloscerbo March 19, 2011

This is the thin crust pizza recipe I've been lookg for...forever! I used: 1 c. WW flour, 1/2 tsp. salt, 1T. sugar, and 2 full tsp. of instant yeast. I didn't proof the yeast, just whisked the dry ingredients together in the bowl. I added the water and oil, then kneaded it for 8 minutes, adding flour by the T. until the dough was just barely sticky. I let it rest for 15 min. while the oven preheated. Then, I divided the dough, and rolled each half out on a well floured slippat baking mat. As I rolled it, i continued to peel it back, and let it shrink, turning it, and adding more flour to the mat, as needed. I stopped peeling/rolling when the dough no longer shrank back much from the size of the slippat. I, then, rolled it just over the edges one more time, and turned it onto a greased and cornmealed baking sheet. I pre-baked the crusts for 10 min., then topped and baked for another 10 min. The crusts were gorgeous! It was crisp, yet tender and held up well even in the middle. This recipe is a keeper! : )

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Cookin'-4-5 June 08, 2010

Amazing! I thought I had the perfect pizza crust recipe but this is just awesome. I added some cayenne, cumin and extra salt to the dough as recommended by some reviewers. I also pre-baked my pizzas. The two smaller ones had 5 minutes and then ten minutes with the toppings. The larger one (which was thicker) had 10 minutes pre-baking and then another ten minutes with the toppings. Everyone loved their pizzas tonight. Thanks UC86! Oh, for non-US cooks, I had my fan oven at 200 deg celsius. A non fan oven would need to be at 210 degrees.

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HappyBunny April 03, 2010

My husband and I think this is the best pizza dough I've ever made. I mixed it up in the kitchen aid mixer, let it rise for an hour, spread it very thin on a cookie sheet, topped it, baked it at 450 degrees for about 15 minutes...yum!

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MicDoc March 22, 2004

I just made this exact same recipe over the weekend, (and I did use the whole wheat flour ), and it was delicious. I spread the dough on a pizza peel, and slid it onto a very hot pizza stone (heated in a 500o oven for almost an hour), and cooked it for about 10-12 minutes. I also added about 1 Tbsp. of raw sugar ( can also use honey ). Very, very good!!!!!!

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Lester_C October 20, 2003

This is the best and easiest classy thin pizza crust ever. As we had a bumper crop of white figs which we had to share with raccoons...needed another way of dealing with them. (That's figs not raccoons) So, made ham,fig and goat cheese pizza on this crust. Fabulous. Took the liberty of making another batch of dough and froze it for later. This time made it with apples, cheese and ham. Can't imagine why I was so frightened to try making this. Not at all complicated and wonderful feeling when kneading the dough.
Tremendous thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

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chris.5321_8897182 October 16, 2011
Pizza Dough for Thin Crust Pizza