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I love this crust. I've been trying different recipes off and on for the past 2 years. This is the quickest, yummiest one yet. I make up the dough and let it rest in the cold oven for 30 minutes while I prep the toppings. The only changes I make is to add a little extra flour if it's too sticky and I use this for one pizza, not two.

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Evamyth January 21, 2004

This was a pretty easy recipe. There was no temperature at which to cook the Crust, but judging from other crust recipes I put it somewhere between 400 and 425. I also added a clove of garlic (next time i'd add more because I love garlic) and a sprinkling of Italian seasoning, it smelled wonderful and was pretty easy to work with. The dough was best mixed with my hands, and it was a wee bit sticky, but just add a dash of flour and you are good to go. I let it rest for about 30 mins and it had risen nicely. The dough was easily spread onto the pans without too much fighting back from the dough. it makes a nice thinner crust for 2 pizzas, or a thicker crust for one.

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beckagator January 09, 2011
Pizza Crust