Total Time
2hrs 25mins
Prep 2 hrs
Cook 25 mins

I love my bread machine - My family loves the things I make in my bread machine! One of their favorite things is my home made pizza dough. They never want pizza ordered out anymore. Makes 1 16-18 inch pizza pan


  1. Place ingredients in bread machine according to manufactures directions.
  2. Select manual setting, or dough cycle, remove after rise cycle.
  3. Roll out to fit a 16” to 18” Pizza Pan.
  4. Prepare with you favorite pizza toppings.
  5. Bake 375 degrees 20- 30 minutes or until crust is a light brown and cheese is melted.
Most Helpful

Awesome recipe! The dough made a HUGE pizza in a industrial size pizza pan. Thank you so much for a delicious pizza dough :)

Melanie Adrienne December 06, 2015

Easy and makes a ton. Easily enough for two pizzas. I stuffed one and rolled up into a loaf and baked. Very nice to work with too. I did have to addd mmore water during the beginning of the dough cycle, so take a look while you are making it.

Kasha April 23, 2007

This was one big, deep crust pizza! The flavor was excellent, and it was easy to make. Next time I will try splitting the dough into 2 smaller pizzas. I prebaked my crust before topping it.

Nickeletta July 23, 2006