Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 10 mins

Easy recipe for feeding a crowd. Meat mixture can be prepared ahead and refrigerated til party time. The first time I made it was 35 years ago for a Halloween party and the teenagers loved them. I have never seen a pizza burger recipe like this so I am sharing this for you busy moms & dads.


  1. Brown hamburger.
  2. Drain.
  3. Place in bowl and add spices.
  4. Cool in fridge til cold.
  5. Remove from fridge and knead in the cold pizza cheeze adding tomatoe paste til it holds its shape.
  6. The mixture should be firm. Refrigerate until ready to make up.
  7. For pizzas, spread hamburger bun halves on cookie sheets and using an ice cream scoop top the buns with the pizza mixture.
  8. I spread the mixture with a spatula to the edge of the bun. The mixture should be about 1 to 2" thick; your preference.
  9. I have doubled and tripled the recipe for partys. We like a 2" mound of meat and cheeze on ours. If you follow the recipe using tomatoe PASTE the pizzas will rise and puff up, brown nicely, but not spill out over the bun; they really hold their shape and present well.
  10. Bake at 350 til cheese browns; about 10 minutes.
Most Helpful

Delicious. Love them exactly the way they are

Jessica in HI August 22, 2011

Oh man! These are just like the ones we had in grade school and I could never find a recipe for it. These were delicious and so easy to make. My kiddos loved them. I also sent the extra to the freezer for another night. We'll see how they do but I am sure they will be a OAMC favorite. Thanks Pastryismybiz!

Claidan September 05, 2007

Nice, easy & tasty recipe! My 18 yr old son was very excited when I told him what was for dinner and he loved them. I toasted the top bun too and perhaps wouldn't toast it as long, otherwise it was delicious. I also used ground turkey which worked just great and was healthier for you!

MA HIKER April 27, 2007