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I have a hamburger almost every Sat. Night (except when we have company) with oven fries on a baking stone so I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of hamburgers and if I could rate yours higher than a 5 I would - this will be a regular for me! I scaled the recipe down to one big patty (no problem). The Italian sausage is what makes this special (I used Hot Italian) along with how it's put together, I used "Diana(brand name) Sauce, Honey Garlic" ( It could be used as Pizza sauce) and put a slice of onion inside the burger with the cheese. When I put the rest of the sauce on the pan with the burger I put in 5 quartered mushrooms. slipped on the lid and let the flavors combine. When I put it all together I added hot banana pickled peppers, sweet dark mustard 2 slices of tomatoe and the extra cheese melted on top Next time I'll make the burger on a Jalapeno bun. The recipe is on site under "Jalapeno Bread" and I have added my comments on how I made buns from that recipe_ WOWEE Whimpy eat your heart out. This was super!!!

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Bergy April 01, 2002

Enjoyed by all. These are thick and juicy. I filled them with cheese, pepperoni, and olives. Fried them in large skillet until almost done, then poured the sauce over and simmered until nice and hot and bubbly. One of these is enough for even a hearty appetite. We had a side of Tumpura mushrooms which made a great meal. A great way to do burgers. I highly recommend this recipe! Thanks Karen!

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MizzNezz April 01, 2002

Yes, these are quite "humungo!" My husband could only down one, and my daughter and I each managed about a half of ours. I thought they were very good. I bought sweet Italians from our neighborhood store that makes their own sausage and some ground round, and just put some pizza sauce, (Contadina)some oregano, and a couple thicker hunks of mozzarella in each one.Also sauteed some onion and green pepper in a little olive oil to top them off - for he and I - Kiddo doesn't like that veggie scene, and some more thin mozzarella slices.Had them on sesame seed kaiser rolls.Very tasty.I'm thinking that this would also be a great filling for stuffed green peppers. Thanks!

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HEP MEP December 18, 2002

Wow, Karen, you are right. These burgers are whopper-jaw sized. Very delicious, by the way. I put some minced garlic and chopped onion into the meat mixture. The toppings we used were pepperoni and mushroom. My husband added some jalapeno slices to his. A big hit with my family. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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ratherbeswimmin' February 24, 2003

WOW, these were GREAT!! Instead of "burger" shape we made "hoagie" shaped patties and put them on mini french sub loaves. These were remenescent of a "hot pizza sub deluxe" that we used to order from a pizza palor/sub shop 15 or so years ago. Thanks for the great recipe! :)

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Shae August 23, 2002

My fiancee and I were of two opinions about it, so here they are. Me: Oh my god, this is the biggest freakin' burger I have ever seen!!! It was just too, too much, I was overwhelmed with beef, sausage, pepperoni, cheese... and I only ate 1/4 of my burger! The taste was okay, but we didn't use our normal sauce, and I think this translated in the flavor. I also think that maybe a tiny, tiny bit of the sauce with some freshly minced garlic and sea salt worked into the patties would improve the flavor. Too much for this little girl! Him: Oh my god this is the best dinner ever! Honey, you really, really love me! (Pause for chewing) Oh my god this great! -- I got the idea that he thoroughly enjoyed it. If I hadn't realized that he definately liked it last night, as I was walking out the door to work this morning he kisses me and says once again how much he loved dinner last night! Wow, this is quite a burger, Miss Karen in Colorado: thanks! I simmered some sliced baby portobellos with the burgers, and they tasted incredible. I also followed Bergy's suggestion about using Jalapeno Buns vs regular for this recipe. Boy am I glad I gave it a shot! I used a slightly different recipe (which I posted), and they came out great. However, I think the bun tasted too "southwestern", and almost overwhelmed the pizza burger explosion of taste. Anyway, thanks Bergy!

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s'kat May 09, 2002

Everyone sure is correct about these delicious hamburgers. They were really good. I will definitly be making these again and again and again........... The sauce was really good on these too. Thank you for posting a great recipe.

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Gingerbear April 07, 2002

My son loved these. All I had on hand was 4 frozen hamburger patties,but they worked just fine. Next time I'll plan ahead and make these with the sausage and ground meat.

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Shari2 April 07, 2002

These are a great change from the usual burgers! I stuffed mine with cheese and pepperoni, but I think next time I will try some other "toppings" as well. I made these ahead of time and threw them into the freezer for a later meal.I grilled the patties and served on homemade buns(Homemade Buns) . This is a great summer bar b que supper! Thanks for posting this recipe.

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* Pamela * July 08, 2003

Tasted great thanks for posting Karen form Colorado1

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kmhoceanlover July 07, 2010
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