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When I saw this I was immediately intrigued. I make pizzas often, and this loose dough covered in generous amount of olive oil is different from some of the versions I normally make. I used automatic bread maker set for dough to make this. I noticed half way through the dough cycle that it was too loose. In retrospect, I should have weighed the ingredients but I didn't and used measured in cups and spoons. I recommend weighing the ingredients here or do like I did and add 1/4 C plus 1 T more flour to the dough (it worked even half way through). After it was finished kneading, I took the the dough out of the machine into a large mixing bowl covered with generous olive oil as directed. It was fun watching all the bubbling that went on half way through waiting for the dough to triple. Even with the extra flour I added, it is a very loose dough and should not expect the normal pizza dough consistency you may generally expect. I used my hands covered in olive oil to spread the dough after prerequisite waiting time on to a baking pan. I let it rest as instructed and baked. I did not use the sauce in this recipe, but concocted my own and used the topping of my choice. Although the edges came out quite crisp, I really like the taste of this pizza. It is different from the norm and similar to foccacia in texture, but this will be something I will be making often. Thank you so much Randy for posting this recipe.

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Rinshinomori October 21, 2008
Pizza Bianca With Tomatoes and Mozzarella