Pixie's Pomegranate Porridge

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 3 mins

I saw a recipe for orange porridge so thought i would experiment with pomegranites as they are great for something or other as well as the oats, this is milk free, so no guilt, although i did cheat and add yoghurt to mine


  1. bring water and juice to boil.
  2. add oats.
  3. stir constantly for about 3 minutes or until creamy.
  4. put in serving bowl and stir in pomegranate seeds.
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I've made oatmeal with oranges, raisins, apples and all kinds of other fruit before, but had never thought to use pomegranate (which is staggering, since I love them). This was a tasty dish, and plenty sweet on its own, so I added no sugar. My pomegranate was HUGE, way too much for the amount of oatmeal, but that's ok -- more for later! :) My only complaint is this came out a rather unattractive brown-pink, maybe because the only pomegranate juice I was able to find was blended with cherry juice. No matter. It was a lovely and different way to use one of my favorite fruits!

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This was my first taste of pomegranate! And it looked so festive, I loved it :-) I soaked the oats overnight to make it extra creamy, and used apple juice. Although I didn't really like the seeds, they were a lot easier to eat in this porridge! The seeds make it pretty but for taste I may just use the juice next time. I totally forgot 'cause these simple ingredients were so good on their own, but I bet it would be lovely with yogurt or sliced banana. Thanks for an easy intro to the pomegranate! Update: I've enjoyed this a few more times and the taste of the seeds doesn't bother me a bit anymore! I think I'll have to splurge and buy pomegranates more often :-)