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All most ever Steeler party I go to in the "Burgh" has some version of this recipe. Thanks for sharing

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School Chef December 14, 2007

Great dish. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh but have never heard of this before, so I thought I'd give this a try, now that I live an ocean away from my hometown. I didn't have any pimiento strips on hand so I substituted a diced, sauteed red bell pepper and it tasted just the same. I also couldn't bring myself to use processed cheese spread (despite my Pittsburgh roots, I'm a bit of a foodie purist), sorry! I used a mixture of white cheddar and swiss- this was nice. There are two small things that I would do differently when I make this again: I will saute the onion instead of boiling it as the boiled onion lacks aesthetic appeal and does not add as much flavorful punch as it could have. Also, I am going to top this with at least a cup of breadcrumbs next time; the crispy, crunchy breadcrumbs on top really complete this dish. I only used a small amount and wish that I had added more. Crushed Ritz crackers would be really good instead of breadcrumbs, too! All in all, we definitely liked this and it made us feel a little closer to the Burgh! Thanks for posting, yinz!

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Shannon Cooks June 16, 2007

With just me to cook for, I had to rather reduce the quantities, but oohh, I like this way of eating potatoes. Pittsburg is now on my list of 'towns to visit' next time I am in USA. It wasn't difficult to make, and with the smalled quantity, took less time to cook. Try it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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Sandra Hyde November 09, 2002
Pittsburgh potatoes