Pittsburgh BBQ Ham Sandwiches

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Recipe by charlie 5

I haven't lived in Pittsburgh for 25 years, but everyone from there is familiar with a bbq chipped ham sandwich. Everyone also has their own recipe. Thought with the Steelers going on to another SuperBowl, I'd post my mother's recipe for BBQ ham sandwiches. In Pittsburgh, there is a deli called Isaly's. They are famous for their chip chopped ham. If you can find this, it's the best. If not, simply ask your deli to shave or chip their cheapest ham or whatever ham is on sale, like a cooked ham or something. You want it pretty much falling apart. This will do as a substitute. The person working the deli counter will hate you for having them shave the ham, as it takes a while, but just smile:) and say thank you. This site won't allow for me to enter chip chopped ham, but now you know what is meant:) My mother has been deceased for many years, so I can't ask her what she meant by a family-size ketchup. That's what the recipe called for. I imagine it was those glass bottled ketchups that use to be on every table, but I am unsure of the size. Sorry. I'm guessing it was the 14 oz size. Oh, and if you're making this for Superbowl Sunday, it has to be Heinz ketchup since that's from Pittsburgh:) Let me know if it works out. Go Steelers!

Top Review by lanechaffin

I have never heard of this before and having a lot of leftover ham I was eager to give it a try. Better than I expected- I make a lot of BBQ, pastramis and pulled pork and this was very good. I did modify the recipe though. I cut the ketchup in half, and added an equal part of kc masterpiece bbq sauce, then left out the relish and brown sugar. So my recipe was:
4oz ketchup
4 oz kc masterpiece
8 oz water
dry mustard
I cut up the ham like into little pieces and put onion slices and hamburger dill pickles on it. Kind of like a chopped bbq beef sandwich. The cinnamon gives it a unique taste.

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  1. Heat the ketchup, water, mustard, vinegar, relish, and brown sugar in a crockpot or pot on the stove. Once incorporated, add the ham and heat through.
  2. Serve on hamburger buns.

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