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Why you would buy pita bread after discovering this recipe I don't know. It is the easiest bread recipe ever, takes no time at all to put together and tastes a million times better than the stuff you buy at the store. The chef says he keeps his in the fridge, to use as needed, but I bet if you try this you won't have any left to put in the fridge! It's far too tasty for that...

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Sackville August 19, 2002

These were great and fun to make - I got so excited when they actually began to puff up in the oven!

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loof November 09, 2007

These pita's came out exactly as i expected. They were yummy and quick to make. Thanks for a great recipe.

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anemoneofpeace July 15, 2007

Fantastic pita bread. I have cooked it on a baking stone in the oven many times, but decided to do these on the gas grill as it gets hotter than my oven (I cranked it up to around 600F). I slid them on the grate, and it was a matter of seconds before they started forming bubbles. I flipped them over and they fully ballooned very quickly. Super fast process using that much heat. They came out wonderfully! I doubled the recipe, and used half for Palestinian Chicken; the other half I am planning to use for gyros. I like to put them in a clean kitchen towel fairly soon after they are cooked; keeps them warm and soft. Tips for anyone having problems getting them to fully balloon: roll them as evenly and smoothly as possible (eg. no creases, folds) and make sure you have plenty of heat. Pizza peels are also handy to slide them on/off the stone, grill, etc. The pitas available in the stores in my area are horrible, so good, homemade pita bread is a godsend. Great recipe!

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GaylaJ June 03, 2005

I never thought making pita bread would be so exciting, but when I saw them puffing up in the over I was thrilled. Everyone loved them - we made gyro's with them. Sent my guest home with the recipe !

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Caz May 31, 2005

These are so amazing! They're so much softer than the junk you buy in a plastic packet from the supermarket. And... I got them to puff up and make pockets! I used wholemeal bread flour but I don't think that changed much. What I did after I made the dough was put it in the fridge and just cut off a good sized chunk. I didn't bother letting it rise or warm up. Put the ball of dough on a floured board and roll it out thin with a rolling pin. Preheat oven with pizza or baking stone to the highest temperature. Slap rolled out dough on hot stone and cook for 3 minutes without opening oven. They start to deflate when you open the oven and when you take them out (with ovenmitts) and put them on a rack to cool a bit. I am wondering if I make my pita bread unusually small because I made four pitas and there's still enough dough for probably three times that. I'll be using this recipe a lot!

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Heather Sullivan May 26, 2005

I doubled the recipe, used 100% whole wheat flour, and reduced the salt a bit. The pitas didn't puff up to make a "pocket," so it was more like flatbread. But with lamb, feta cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and tzatziki, it was some mighty good flatbread!

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A Messy Cook April 02, 2005

Great tasting bread. Very easy to put together. Like Bekah, my bread did not completely puff up. I used a cookie sheet, sprayed with oil, and baked it in the oven. Next time I will try the stove top. AND there will be a next time. Thanks for sharing

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Andrea in NH December 26, 2004

Gawds... I love making bread too! This was a snap to make. I am not quite sure what I did, but mine never bubbled up like typical pita bread. Chef error I assume. However, the taste is to die for. Dipped in hummus... oh man... sheer heaven. I used one to make a wrap sandwich today and it was incredible. I used the on-stove method and it was easy as pie. I made all four pitas this morning, and only have two left. If that isn't a testament to the great taste, I don't know what is! Thanks for sharing!!!

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~Bekah~ October 05, 2003
Pita on call,,,, half recipe