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This is very good. I love fattoush, but had never had it like this...with chickpeas, balsamic vinegar, & lemon zest and without parsley. It's different than what I'm used to, even has almost an Italian zing from the balsamic vinegar (all Mediterranean, I suppose!), but it's great! The only change I might make next time is to let all the ingredients but pita blend overnight and then add the bread in the last hour or so, to get the flavor really marinated into the beans. (And there will definitely be a next time.) :o)

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winkki December 10, 2003

A fabulous salad, one I’d not tried making before but have eaten in restaurants. I took heed of several of reviewers’ advice and happily added some sumak (which is one of my Zaar World Tour discoveries after making several of lemoncurd’s delicious recipes) and I added the pita bread shortly before serving. I also added half a diced red pepper. I allowed the flavours to blend overnight. It’s great having salad recipes that you can make at night for next day’s lunch knowing that they’ll be even better next day! Another delicious and healthy recipe – and it’s low fat – that I’ll be making for lunches during the summer months. It would also be excellent with grilled and BBQd meats. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

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bluemoon downunder October 23, 2005

Really nice salad. I cut back on the oil a bit. Also, while toasting pitas I got a phone call and was distracted by the time, so they were toasting almost 20 minutes, but fortunately they were not burned, so I continued on and after soaking at least 30 minutes the end result was just fine (or maybe a bit crunchier than normal). So I don't necessarily recommend toasting any longer than the recipe recommends, but if you make the same mistake I did, not to worry! I also forgot to add the feta (sigh). BF did not eat the onions, but only because he had an upset stomach and didn't want to risk making it worse. Will include feta for lunch leftovers tomorrow. Well, it was great either way! Thanks!

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Kumquat the Cat's friend October 21, 2005

We love fatoush, so I was excited to try this. It was wonderful! The dressing was so tangy and the blend of all the flavors was wonderful. The only change I did was add the bread to the salad right before serving....we prefer the bread crunchy.

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LizP January 25, 2005

A wonderfully refreshing salad in perfect proportions. I substituted red wine vinegar for the balsamic and added a few sprinkles of sumac (an important spice in this dish) to give it more of a lemony bang. I also took winkki's suggestion to leave the pitas out of the salad until the last moment of serving. I left the feta on the side and let each person decide whether to garnish with it or not. This is really great and I thank you so much for offering this recipe here.

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CobraLimes January 23, 2005
Pita Bread Salad