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I agree with chia and UmmBinat, it was impossible to slice even after freezing for some time. I processed it in the food processor until I got oil coming out and forming a moister dough, but it still is very crumbly. Next time I make it, maybe I try it with soaked raisins and three tablespoons honey, leaving out the sugar.
The taste was liked very much, though, by the sweet teeth here around :) Thanks for sharing!

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Mia in Germany March 30, 2012

YES! Thank you SO much for this recipe this is exactly what I have been looking for ever since trying it in France last year! Signed Self confessed Halva addict!

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shywiseowl May 25, 2008

i'm very iffy about this dessert. the taste was good, but it was impossible to slice this as it just crumbled even though i did refrigerate it overnight. i brought it into my office and , to be honest, it wasn't visually appealing. i wonder if adding tahini or more honey would improve the color and consistancy.

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chia June 07, 2003

I love the taste. It was too dry however and each slice broke in half. I don't think mine was as dry as chia's though. Maybe more honey would help? I used creamed honey. Some raisins are drier than others as well but I used Sunmaid which are pretty soft in the larger amount which I added separately to the mill to blend and did not have a problem with the colour like another reviewer. It looks similar to what you can buy in buckets in the store which DH loves but he turned his nose up at this because it was dry looking. I toasted the sesame seeds and whole pistachio nuts in the oven at 350F tossing a couple times. I blended them warm in my spice mill/coffee grinder along with the white sugar which became almost a paste. I have never tried the store bought ones or felt the consistency of them as they contain glucose (corn) which is allergenic to us. This is so much healthier. While shaping the batter into a tiny loaf it did crack somewhat so if I were to try this again and see that, at that point I would add more honey. Made for Veggie Swap 38 ~ September ~

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UmmBinat September 03, 2011
Pistachio & Raisin Halva