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The moment I saw the picture of this recipe on the pillsbury website I knew I had to make it for a friends birthday. I would give it 10 stars for presentation, it looks gorgeous. The taste was very good as well. I think though that I have tasted better desserts that did not require so much time and effort. This took me a few hours to assemble. I used Duncan Hines brownie mix as we do not have pillsbury in my area and 1 box was not enough so I had to use 2 boxes to get the 4 layers. I discovered this after baking the first batch and they came out too thin to slice in half. Mind you, I also have 2 toddlers who demand alot of my time, so I kept having to stick in the fridge while I tended to them. It got raves when it was places on the dessert table based on how yummy it looked....I just wont be making it again, or at least not for awhile its a bit too time consuming for me. I would also recommend letting it sit at room temp for a few minutes before serving. We ate it right away and there is something about cold brownies that didnt cut it for me...much better when the chill is gone.

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Jennygal May 18, 2008
Pistachio Mousse Brownie Torte