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I used a trick I learned for making butter & spices, etc. stick to poultry, simply melt the butter & stir it up with the nuts & cheese to make a sticky paste. It will stick much better, when using spices I put the butter mixture in the fridge for a bit to give it a more workable texture, it stays on the bird and imparts a lovely no-baste flavor! I also took Heirloom's advice & stuffed the birds w/stovetop that I made with organic, free range chicken broth in place of water. Since my honey won't be home for a couple hours I set the oven to 255 to slow roast my little birdies... You have simply got to try this! The flavor is DEVINE! Extremely moist with the crust of cheese & nuts, the stuffing had a lovely flavor as well... A keeper!

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Babychops April 30, 2008
Pistachio Crusted Cornish Game Hens