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This cake stays moist for a very long. Even aftwr three days it tasted like it was just made! I would gladly make it again.

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Marilyns Treats March 12, 2014

Let me say first that I like this recipe and I will definitely try it again! But I have some, hopefully, constructive criticism: The instructions are a little lacking...both in order and completeness; but I got through it OK. Step 1 allowing for "approximately" 1/4 of the sour cream would keep from having to weigh half of a 1/3 cup, saying "and set aside" after steps 2 and 3 would help clarity, step 3 should be clear on which oil (or extract?) to use, steps 2 and 3 should be reversed, step 6 should be broken into two instructions, step 11 should state "Scrape batter out into prepared pan, level off with a spatula, and bake...", and there should be a preheat oven step. Note that the batter is very thick...it doesn't really "pour" out, you really have to scrape it out of the bowl and level it off as stated above (side note...the batter is DELICIOUS!) I took it out of my convection oven after 47 minutes...it seemed set (though I thought it might not be) but I was more worried about it getting too dry. A brown "crust" forms on the top and I was concerned it was getting too thick. About three minutes after I removed it, it fell pretty dramatically so I obviously removed it too quickly. When we cut it, it appeared to be cooked...just not set; another 4 - 6 minutes would have probably done it. I topped it off with a chocolate whipped cream and some remaining crushed pistachios...even though it was not done, it was delicious!! As I said...I will definitely try this again.

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Darren K. March 02, 2015

This "from scratch" is very good, however, it is not indicated on the recipe the cooking temperature. Consequently having set my convection oven at 325, I let it bake 60 minutes, and it still had not set. It fell a little, but was extremely tasty. A keeper

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cbs.3 February 21, 2009

I am on a major baking spree right now, so I have made a couple of youre recipes, this was just so so so good! Thanks so much.

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Brandy Sue December 05, 2006
Pistachio Cake from Scratch