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This is moist and delish!I`m adding it to my plan for St. Patty`s Day! I think I`ll pour some Hazelnut Liqueur on the cake after cooking!

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Rita~ January 24, 2003

I made this for St. Patricks Day & forgot to review, I added the green food coloring. It was very easy & quick to do & came out very moist. I used a bundt pan & just sifted powered sugar over it. Making again very soon. Great recipe!

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DoryJean54 June 10, 2009

I made this the other night for my mom's birthday (her and her husband love pistachios)...they loved it! I made one slight change....I added another package of pistachio pudding to the cool whip and whipped it up together to make it a light green color plus give it more pistachio flavor and topped it with chopped pistachios (the sweet with a touch of salty was a hit)...what a pretty cake! She even took a few pieces to work and her co-workers loved it and all want the recipe! :) Thanks!

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~*~Jennifer~*~ in NJ February 03, 2009

Yummy! I hope you don't mind me having made a few upgrades to the recipe when I prepared it. I had some buttermilk that needed to be used up so I used that in place of the water. I was also out of almond extract so I just used vanilla. Then I used a pretty much standard recipe for streusel to put in the middle of the cake to make it one of those tunnel bundt cakes that were always so popular in times past. I made it by mixing 1/2 cup chopped nuts with 1/2 cup splenda brown sugar blend, 1/2 cup crushed butter cookies, a teaspoon or so of cinnamon, and just enough melted butter to get it all to stick together (about 4 tbsp I think). I put half the batter in, spread the streusel on top of that, and covered it with the remaining batter. Then I baked it at 350°F. for the time you stated (there was no temperature given in the recipe so I used what I normally do on cakes). I also didn't use the cool whip, but instead mixed up a glaze of powdered sugar and green food coloring with just enough half and half to make it thin enough to drizzle), then scooped that into a ziploc, cut of the corner, and drizzled it over the cake, and covered with sprinkles before the icing dried (it dries hard). The only other thing was that I had wanted to use pistachios in the recipe, but was out of those as well so I just used pecans, and the cake mix I used was Pillsbury lower sugar and the pudding was sugar free, and I could not tell it was lower sugar at all. Very yummy. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe. ~Sue

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Sue Lau January 24, 2009

I make this about once a month. It always comes out moist and tasty. I use 2 bread pans instead of the bundt pan so I can freeze one or give one away.

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karen downes September 12, 2008

Great cake, light and moist. Just the right amount of spring to the cake. I've always liked pistachio cakes and this one is really good. I did add the food coloring and skipped the cool whip. YUMMMY

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True Texas April 14, 2008

Quick, easy and delicious. I used a bundt pan and followed directions one exception. We do not care for cool whip so I whipped up 1/2 pt. heavy cream and added another pkg. pudding. Thanks Karen.

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colleen di ionno December 04, 2003
Pistachio Cake