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I love making biscotti & we both enjoy eating it no end, so your recipe was a welcome addition to my kitchen workings! Easy enough to put together, & a definite delight to devour! I usually like to bake them a little less than the recipe gives so that they aren't totally dry, mostly because I'm not a dunker but eat them as a regular cookie! Will be making them again, for sure! Thanks for posting the recipe! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike September 06, 2011

oh gosh, i completely forgot to review these!!!! I made them for a christmas present to a biscotti lover and they were wonderful. Got so busy wrapping them and other biscotti's. Loved them even though i only got to eat two and the recipient adored them!

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MarraMamba December 31, 2007

This came out really well and with just a hint of a Splenda aftertaste (we always taste it, though), but plenty of yummy pistachio flavor. I made just 1/3 of the recipe to give it a try before making as part of a gift basket, so I scaled to 28 servings, and that actually only made about 12 cookies. The log was not as big around as I expected, but I guess these are more cookie-sized biscotti rather than the full-sized version I've seen, and the smaller portions are more in line with the diet of the person I'm giving these to as a gift anyway, so I'll make them the same again. In the quart-sized mason jar I'm using in the gift basket, I could fit about 12-14 of these cookies. Thank you for sharing this great diabetic diet friendly recipe that's also super yummy!

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Maggie, Cooking December 06, 2007

I haven't had much luck in the past making biscotti. This recipe went together very nicely and the directions were wonderful. I did use the additional 1/4 cup egg substitute and 1/2 Splenda and 1/2 granulated sugar for the sweetener. The dough was difficult for me to shape into a nice smooth log until I decided to dampen my hands slightly and it worked like a charm. To give them a more festive feel, I melted a small amount of white chocolate (approximately 1/4 cup), dipped the tip of the cookie in and then dipped them into crushed pistachios and some into hard peppermint candy that was finely crushed. My yield was 60 something cookies. There is no way I could get 84. I will make these again. DH thanks you!

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PaulaG November 18, 2007
Pistachio Biscotti (Diabetic)