Piri Piri Sauce (Portugal, Algarve) Homemade

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Prep 30 mins
Cook 0 mins

Recipezaar already has 11 recipes for piri piri (sauce, dressing, oil, spice) and 10 recipes using it, so why add another? First, piri piri is in the cuisines of Africa, Portugal, South America and the Caribbean, so there are variations to the ingredients, heat and form. Second, all of the versions currently posted are "quick", i.e., whether the ingredients are raw or cooked, you can prepare them and use them the same day -- this version is the more authentic marinated and pickled version (Warning: from the time you start to make this until the time you can use it is 5 weeks!! I didn't count this in the prep time). Finally, I've had this version, love the taste and know how reliable the recipe source is. With credit to Elisabeth Luard's "The Food of Spain and Portugal: A Regional Celebration", here is piri piri as made in the Algarve ... Recipe provided for Zaar World Tour 5 (2009).

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  1. For chiles, the authentic variety is malagueta, but I've used jalopeno or habanero.
  2. Pack the chiles and peppers into a sterilized jar with the salt.
  3. Seal and leave for 4 weeks.
  4. After 4 weeks, put in a food processor, add the vinegar and blend.
  5. Put in a bottle, keep in a cool, dark place and let the flavors meld for a week.
  6. Enjoy!
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This is the real deal !
The kind of sauce i know from the algarve.
You can play a little bit with salt and vinegar...
I tried a white balsamico... very nice :-)

Thanks to Gandalf The White

lichttechniker July 01, 2011

Agree there are many, many recipes floating around for Piri Piri sauce but this one (from experience) is excellent. We call the Algarve our second home so have tasted a lot of Piri Piri sauce!!!! Thanks for submitting.

waynejohn1234 May 09, 2009