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One of the best cakes I can remember making. The only word I can think of to best describe the texture is delicate. It made a beautifully soft and fine textured that was moist and delicious. In fact the cake was so light that I was concerned that the ice cream might be too heavy as a topping and that the soft ice cream (homemade vanilla) might quickly soak into it making the cake soggy. What I did was to serve the cake with the ice cream and peach topping in a dish on the side to be eaten with the cake. I will certainly make this perfectly spiced cake again but I'll just drizzle a bit of caramel sauce on it.

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Annacia June 21, 2013

This is a moist and fragrant cake, and very much enjoyed. The ice was a nice touch, as a topping, but it never took anything away from the cake. The spices were never too much, and it was a nice combination, too.

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Studentchef June 21, 2013
Pirates Golden Treasure Cake