Pipin' Hot Bakery Whole Wheat Tortillas

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

These flavorful tortillas were used at the bakery for our breakfast burritos, which had scrambled eggs, cheese, salsa, fried potatoes, and sour cream. I also use them to make bean burritos, quesadillas, and as an accompaniment with a bowl of pinto beans.


  1. Combine flours, baking powder, and salt.
  2. Stir in the oil and water all at once, using mixer or a fork, and toss quickly.
  3. When dough can be gathered into a soft mass, turn onto floured surface and knead a few times.
  4. Form 8 balls of dough, dredge in flour, and store in a plastic bag to prevent drying until ready to be used.
  5. Flatten first ball of dough into a disk.
  6. Roll out dough on floured surface until 7 inches or larger with even strokes that do not reach to the edge, turning over frequently.
  7. Place tortilla in ungreased, frying pan that has been preheated to medium-high heat.
  8. Cook 30-40 seconds on one side, turn over with spatula and cook 30-40 seconds on other side., First side should be pale and sprinkled with brown spots and the other side will be blotched.
  9. Repeat process with other balls of dough.
  10. Stack tortillas on a plate as they are cooked and cover them with a dish towel, which will keep them soft.


Most Helpful

This was an excellent recipe, and it's convenient to be able to make the dough ahead of time and pull a ball out to make it fresh when I want it. I used whole wheat pastry flour and a commercial whole wheat flour mix instead of regular whole wheat and white.

Angela Curtis June 20, 2002

AWESOME!!! I eat tortillas almost every single day, often for more than one meal, and I was SO happy to see an easy recipe for healthy wheat ones! My first batch turned out a little crispy, so I tried again and just added less flour (I think the first time I rolled them in too much flour) and they were fine. I'm making quesadillas with them tonight---black bean, spinach and avocado. Thanks troy!!!

spatchcock July 05, 2002

tried this recipe first time. the baking powder not such a good idea makes the tortillas stiff. I would skip that otherwise great recipe

For F. August 15, 2015

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