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As written we did not really like this. It was runny and very tart. I ended up adding cream of cheddar soup to thicken it and mellow out the sharp taste. My son and I would have given it a 2, but my husband liked it both before and after the cheddar soup, so we averaged up. Thanks for giving us something new to try.

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PrincessPage May 20, 2011

This sandwich is a guy's type sandwich because it is meaty and hearty. I rarely eat a sandwich without veggies or cheese but decided to serve this as written to see if it would be a husband favorite and it was. I served it with a green salad and her zesty lime rice and the flavors all complemented each other well and the salad made it healthier. It makes a lot of meat if you do the 3 lbs so you will have leftovers or buy more rolls and feed more people. The carmelized onions were great. We all consumed it before I could get a photo. We will make it again for sure. The Worcestershire sauce is a love it or hate it flavor. It was good for us. We omitted Tabasco as my family is sensitive to it. We do not toast rolls either but soft were just as great. Thanks for posting Ree Drummond's recipe Stephanie so I didn't have to. Enjoy! ChefDLH

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ChefDLH February 10, 2014

I made this after seeing the episode on TV. This is a great recipe. I did not find it runny or messy. My kids and husband loved it! I'm making it again tonight. Maybe if it didn't work out for you, you can look on her blog and see a step by step explanation of how to make it.

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LMillerRN July 08, 2012

My husband enjoys sandwiches and beef, and is a manly man. I made this for him. He requested that I never serve it again and, in our relationship, he has only said that about one other dish. He says it's too messy, and, when a plumber tells you something is too messy for him to deal with, you listen to him. He did not like the flavor, he did not like the amount of prep.

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rharper1976 October 26, 2011

everyone in my house loves this recipe! excellent for a quick weeknight meal that is inexpensive. i use franks red hot and always add a little extra.

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lisa6682 December 06, 2010

Ree Drummond's right that this is a testosterone-beef-fest! Delicious.... I thawed the steaks until they were still slightly frozen to make them easier to slice really thin. I doubled the butter and Worchestershire to make extra sauce. Before I added the onions back to the meat I took some out for my "onion hater" girls. I buttered the rolls and browned them face down on a griddle pan then flipped them over to just warm them through. Served the sandwiches with Crash Hot Potatoes with just a bit of the extra sauce and my, my.... not only were the men at my table insanely happy with the meal, we all loved it and it was requested to be served again really soon!

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Sooz Cooks January 12, 2010

This was a quick and easy recipe. Great for a weeknight, I cut back on the amount of worcestershire sauce a tad after reading the other reviews. Felt the flavor was good, but a little too salty. Next time I might leave out the seasoned salt, as we seldom use salt in our family.

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morgainegeiser September 17, 2009

I have to say we didn't like this. Probably for multiple reasons - it was my first encounter with cube steak, which I didn't enjoy, and also the Worcestershire was overpowering for me. However it was easy, so if you're into cube steak's distinctive texture, try it with less Worcestershire.

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Demandy March 15, 2009

I made this exactly as written, although without the Tabasco. I found it delicious and ate every bit of mine. For my husband, it was too liquidy and au jus-like. He didn't appreciate his bread getting soggy. I will be making again, but reluctantly cutting back the Worcestershire so that there is less liquid.

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geralyn_1979 March 03, 2009
Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich