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At least once a week I slow cook the dinner and once a week we are doing "meatless" meals so this was a good new recipe to find. I was a little unclear how to serve it though... it was more of a skillet meal with the rice stirred in and beef picadillo would be served with tortillas and sides. I didn't have any tortillas on hand and we were in a hurry so I think I served it as a one pot meal.
I did have to make some substitutions due to what I had on hand. No green chiles and just a small amount of sweet pepper so I also added some carrots in step 1. I added some jalepeno tabasco sauce but never did quite make it to "spicy". That was for the best though since my family has a low spice tolerance! My apples were on the small side so I added 2 and didn't regret it. I used chicken stock and brown rice. The black olives and raisins were omitted. Hubby said he would like the olives and I was thinking of only adding the raisins next time. Rather than black olives, I think green ones or some capers would be a nice touch. The almonds do add to the dish but I think I may sprinkle them on top of each serving. DD doesn't like them.

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Chef Tweaker January 25, 2013
Pintos Picadillo