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This is an awesome bean recipe. You just throw them in a crockpot and forget them. They smell wonderful cooking and taste even better. I did add a little cornstarch and water to thicken (just personal preference). My husband took one bite and said I should make them when his mother comes to visit. High praise indeed! I will definitely make these over and over again. Thank you for the recipe.

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carol murray October 08, 2002

Note that dried beans cooked with tomatoes from the beginning will be tough - calcium or acid of any kind causes the outside of the bean to stay tough. The way to get around this is to do as some commenters have mentioned - precook the beans by themselves (overnight), then add the other recipe ingredients and cook for the duration mentioned in the recipe. Crockpots don't come to the same high heat as the stovetop. Unsoaked beans cooked only on low may never get tender.

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Lelandra December 27, 2010

I was thrilled to find this recipe just after I received a new crockpot for Christmas! This tasted wonderful even after I overcooked it a tad (no need to thicken anything!) Absolutely delicious!!

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ninja January 19, 2003

Deeeeelicious! I used Pace picante sauce and used all the seasonings as per the recipe. I soaked the beans all afternoon and then cooked the beans on low overnight. We enjoyed them for lunch served over fresh cooked rice, topped with fresh salsa, grated cheddar cheese and minced onion. DH has requested that I make this meal once a week. So healthy and delicious, just loved it. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview September 09, 2012

Very easy and tasty. I doubled the recipe and added the uncooked rice at the beginning with extra water. Had to cook on high for 6 hrs before beans and rice were done.

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francoroni December 05, 2010

I have tried other bean recipes and they've been okay. And this is not perfect but I got great taste with that lovely creamy texture. I think 1/2 t. pepper is too much for me. I will take that down to 1/4 t. next time. I love cumin and think I will go up to a full tsp on that. And I used red beans because I didn't have any pintos. I probably dumped closer to 3/4 c picante sauce into the beans. When i read the recipe, a first thought was that I did not think unsoaked beans would cook in 3 hours, so unlike others I did not make the finish time critical and wasn't unhappy. My red beans were tender and yummy after about 5 hours. (they are a smaller bean than the pintos, I'd say.) I used 1 T of Penzey's medium chili powder. I often cut back on recipes that call for chili powder because it is pretty competent chili powder, but this was a whole pound of beans and I thought that would work out okay and it seemed to. I like bay leaves and kept all three. I think that gets you a more complex flavor and I am excited to see how they will taste tomorrow. I have some Penzey's Chipotle powder and I might try a bit of that because smoky heat sounds like it could be good here. Great recipe. Update: This really has become my go to recipe and I use it for all kinds of beans though if it's chick peas or white kidney beans, I don't use the chili powder or the Picante Sauce. I use the bay leaf "faithfully" and may just add thyme or something like that. Trying to add fiber to my diet and I often will cook these over night and then I have beans in my fridge. Tasty and versatile.

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MollyJ September 26, 2009

This is a great recipe but cooking pinto beans in the slow cooker takes a long time. I doubled the recipe and it took about 12 hours to get the beans soft. I left out the picante sauce for most of the time so the beans did not get tough. Even then it took way too long. I also put the cooked rice in too soon so by the time the beans were soft the rice nearly dissolved. Even after all that, it was still a nice flavorful dish. Next time I will cook the beans ahead and add all the ingredients (except rice) for the last 3 hours and the rice right at the end just to get it hot.

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tgman111 July 25, 2012

I know, we hate it when people tweak a recipe and then rate it; but sometimes it's necessary. I had no picante or salsa--so I used a Tbs of tomato paste & a Tbs of hot chili sauce. I used chicken stock rather then water--more flavor. I added 1/2 cup of dry basamati rice to the beans the last hour along with a can of stewed tomatoes. Nothing but enhancement to a wonderful recipe! Topped with a little cheddar cheese and sour cream, loved it!

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Ms. Mother Earth January 10, 2010

I made this on the stove top and it is pretty good but didn't love it. Will keep but maybe add some onions or something next time. It needed a little sometime more to make it really great. Thanks for posting!

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RaeMay August 29, 2012

Mine were not even close to being done in 3 hours and I even went ahead and soaked them for 12 hours prior to cooking - they took about 6 hours on high. I ended up doubling the amount of salsa and all of the spices. Good beans in the end!

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JanuaryBride May 04, 2012
Pinto Beans and Rice in a Crock Pot (Or on Stove Top)