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My muffins were very moist. I baked half in a dark tin, and the other half in a light one, and the ones in the dark tin were slightly burnt, so I would suggest either baking them at a lower temperature or to adjust baking time a little bit. Amazingly, the muffins tasted really peanut buttery even with just that small amount of peanut butter. Only change I made was to use 1 whole egg instead of 2 whites. Thank you for posting.

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Ilovemy4kids April 15, 2007

Tasty! I didn't have a miniature muffin pan so I used a regular sized one-miniature would have definitely worked better because the jelly would have covered the whole muffin. So note to future chefs-make sure the jelly covers the whole muffin area-a little extra jelly never hurt any one. A nice tasty snack-more like a cupcake I would say though because it is sweet. Great for peanut butter lovers! Thanks for the great recipe!

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hungry4more April 08, 2007
Pint-Size Pb & J Muffins