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03/18/13: I made these cupcakes yesterday for St. Patty's Day, and definitely plan to make again for Easter (I will post a picture then. (I got too busy in this weekends events to take a picture before they were all eaten up). I will attempt (for Easter) an assorted batch using colored food dyes for the cup cakes. (But just so you know, I tinted this batch green). Funny part is, I did not tell anyone the ingredients (so everyone thought that they must be either "mint flavored" or "white cake with green coloring"). Ha, ha, ha... "Surprise... LEMONADE". It was a delicious, refreshing surprise to all. This recipe could possibly be altered with other flavors using extracts, but it's absolutely perfect the way it is. Make the original pink colored for a summer BBQ (I plan to) and also for Easter. Thank you for a great time and such a wonderful recipe (I'm not a good baker at all, but they still turned out just fine). (Made for New Kids on the Block - Spring 2013) ..... 04/01/13 UPDATE: I made these wonderful little cupcakes again for Easter. I did what I previously said and tinted them different colors by dividing the batter first and using food safe dye. I did not attempt to alter the flavors with extracts, because I did not want to risk them turning out badly on the day they were to be consumed (I will save experiments for a further date). They are quite pretty, and still just as yummy! Thanks again for posting a great recipe.

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rosie316 April 01, 2013
Pink Lemonade Cupcakes