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This jam turned out great. It was the ONLY guava jam recipe I found that gave the critical information to scoop out the bitter seeds. The only issue is that it was a little stiff. I would probably add less pectin next time. See this:

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wittek March 25, 2012

Delicious Pink Guava Jam- I had to adjust this recipe a little, just way too much sugar and a little too tart. 1st of all dont waste your time and material trying to scoop out the seeds. Wash and cut off the stem/tips, throw all the guavas in a bowl and mash them up. I put the mashed guavas in a Vitamix blender with only a little lime juice and just a little water. Blended on low to medium to puree them (the seeds are way too hard to blend in so dont worry about the seeds) and then pushed it thru a coarse strainer with a rubber spatula. I really love the solid, heavy duty RösLe 20cm coarse strainer #95270. It's perfect for allowing the thick puree thru while straining out the big seeds. It's really handy for straining out the seeds of cactus prickly pears too. Anyway, With 8 cups of strained guava puree, I put only 4 cups of sugar, 8 tlbs of pectin and juice of 2 limes. Then it took about 30-40 mins constantly stirring to boil it down. This made the jam plenty sweet with just the right amount of tart. Hope you enjoy.

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Anonymous September 26, 2015

I used this recipe as the base for mine. I used 80% of the recommended sugar and one extra lime. The taste is incredible and the first batch did not last long enough to be stored for later :)

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Michael S. October 08, 2015

It was easy and the jam tastes great. The Color is pretty. It was stiff as the first reviewer reported. <br/>I will try 1 1/2 tablespoons of pectin and report back. <br/>Jammin!

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alnjerry_9068219 January 03, 2015
Pink Guava Jam