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Delicious! This quick and easy popcorn reminded me of the jello popcorn balls my mom used to make when I was a kid. I used large marshmallows (cut into 1/4's) because I didn't have miniature marshmallows. Also, this made plenty of syrup so I used 12 cups popped popcorn. My family really enjoyed this. I'll be making this in other flavors as well. Thank you for sharing. *Made for Think Pink tag game*

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Bayhill October 26, 2008

Oh, this is goooood! Mine looks a little different, because I think I didn't get the marshmallows quite warm enough. But that sure didn't prevent me from eating it! Thnx for sharing your recipe mariposa13. Made for THINK PINK Oct 2009.

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Darkhunter October 25, 2009

This was very quick and easy to make, however my family really didn't like it. I thought it was pretty good though. I don't know if I'll make it again since they didn't care for it. However I did enjoy making it. Made for the Think Pink Tag Game In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

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BakerNoMo October 18, 2008

This was quick and easy and came out great. I used wild strawberry jello and it may have been a bit more sour than I was expecting... maybe a different flavor next time or increase the amount of marshmallow. It may also be my fault since I used marshmallow fluff instead of the mini's. The girls loved the sight of it! Thanks for a great recipe.

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C. Taylor April 04, 2007

The kids enjoyed this simple treat as an after school snack. The popcorn stays sticky/chewy and can also be formed into popcorn balls. Lots of flavor and color from the jello powder. Thanks, mariposa, for posting!

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LonghornMama October 08, 2005

First of all, make sure you use gelatin that has sugar in it. I accidentally used plain gelatin and it came out bland. Not mariposa13's fault - it was my error. I knew something was wrong, so I made it again with "Jello" brand gelatin. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I now think that I want to try this again with other flavors of "Jello". This recipe is very simple to make, but it's also really fun. I wish the kids I used to be a nanny for, were younger because they would have loved making this. They still loved it - but when they were teeny the looks of awe and amazment when you make the popcorn turn pink would have been priceless. Now they are a little older and they a bit harder to impress. So I say, if you have small children, let them help you with this - let them pour the mixture over the popcorn - they'll love it! Oh, I just realised, that Americans may not be used to sweet tasting popcorn. (At home sometimes we put sugar on our popcorn and I notice here it is usually butter) But trust me, trust me - you don't want to skip over this recipe! Thanks for the great recipe mariposa13!

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Mimi Bobeck July 06, 2005
Pink Elephant Popcorn