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Not that great. I can taste the champagne. Note that the "batter" is very thick, but the meringue makes it workable. I've made better plain white cakes that are fantastic in taste compared to this one. The texture, etc should make it great, but it doesn't rate with me.

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Gina G. January 17, 2015

I made this cake exactly according to the recipe. Loved the cake but the frosting turned out to be a down side. When I saw it calling for 1 lb powdered sugar, I was very skeptical but still followed since I figured that's probably how to make the frosting not too watery. The frosting sealed really fast and it's not that smooth. Even though I kept it warm while frosting the cake as the recipe states, it still didn't allow enough time for me to evenly spread it out. Also, the frosting was not enough to cover my cake, so I went ahead to use some store-bought frosting to finish it up and skipped the marshmallow decoration. It's finally presentable. Now about the taste, frosting was way too sweet but the cake itself was excellent! I would recommend to use a different frosting if you are interested in making this.

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SharonChen May 25, 2014

I was excited to try this recipe since it is unique. My husband and I am quite torn on this one. He really liked it and I was sort down the middle on it. I loved the texture and the cake baked up beautifully in the oven. The smell was wonderful. You can not taste the champagne, which I found somewhat disappointing. The fondant frosting was not to my liking, although my husband liked it. I will play with this a bit because I really loved the texture and I want to tryl a different filling/frosting. I will keep you posted next time I make this cake. Otherwise, it is a very nice white cake somewhere between a sponge cake but not as light/airy as a regular cake. Thanks for sharing this recipe! ChefRD

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chefRD April 27, 2009

Lovely white cake like you'd have at a wedding...you can't taste the champagne but it bakes beautifully. I substituted cake flour for the flour, and also used champagne instead of wine for the filling; since I used pink marshmellows the filling turned out pink! I'll admit that I took the easy way out and used pre-made frosting which was the only part of the cake I didn't love, so next time I'll use your recipe. Made for the Think Pink Tag Game In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

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FLKeysJen October 08, 2008
Pink Champagne Cake