Pineapple Water

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5 mins
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When I was in Hawaii, the hotel I stayed in always had a large dispenser of this water in the lobby, to help rehydrate the guests after they spent too much time on the beach. I found it to be much more refreshing than plain water, as the fruit adds a very subtle sweet taste. A great recipe if you're trying to get more water into your diet. This will not taste like fruit juice, it's meant to be a very lightly flavored water. If you don't have a large drink dispenser, try making 1/2 recipe in a sun tea jar.

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  1. Slice pineapple, and place in a large drink dispenser with a serving spout at the bottom.
  2. Add the ice and water.
  3. Chill.
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What a great idea this is! I used pineapple slices in the bottom of a pitcher and filled it up with water and ice. This was really refreshing and a nice change from lemon water. Great for a nice warm day. Thanks Ingrid for a nice treat. Made for ZWT7 by a fellow Emerald City Shaker.

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Nice ice cold water with a hint of pineapple! I will be keeping this around to sip on these hot summer days. Thanks!

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The hint of pineapple is a nice change from the stander lemon ice water. Made only one minor change which was to cut pineapple into chunks instead of slices and did fallow your hint about cutting in half and making in a sun jar. Thanks for the post.